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Crypto Nomads

You're not late.... its only 2022, you're catching the ₿eginning of cryptocurrency, NFT's and DeFi

There's never been a better time to get involved in ₿lockchain and crypto-currencies as they prove their value, utility and take their place as the Internet 2.0

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Crypto Nomads gives you a straightforward entry into cryptocurrencies and hosts ongoing coaching and trade signals

Start learning crypto at light speed inside the video tutorials, tune into the live Q&A sessions or take trades on the telegram channel with daily trade alerts while keeping up to date with moment to moment market events on the daily IG story update

what is crypto nomads?

The Group
Whats inside?

Step by step tutorials on how to enter the crypto market from ₿eginner to pro no matter your experience level

▬ How and where to buy crypto-currencies safely

▬ Best and safest wallets to keep your crypto stored for the long and short term

Access to the Trade Alerts private group telegram and group chat

▬ 20 of the best trading books in PDF form and other trading plans and materials

 How to buy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) & where to find the newest hottest drops

what else?

The Crypto Nomads Zero to Hero Technical Analysis Bible!

Where to find the best Alt-coins with 100 x potential (Most are handed to you in the telegram)

▬ How to use Decentralised Finance (DEFI) platforms

Daily Instagram story updates covering Technical Analysis on ₿itcoin, Ethereum and other trending coins

 How to trade the futures market and how to manage your risk (If you think your up for it *Pro level*)

 Trade psychology, establishing what kind of trader you are and mapping an ideal strategy to suit your lifestyle and risk appetite.

Boat party
Team building

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the event locations, our next members event will be the 100K Milestone Bitcoin Boat Party which will include a FREE ticket for all members on the month of the 100k price tag, tickets will be available for purchase for non-members closer to the date.

its time

Live Life on Your Own Terms.

My Nonno (Grandad) always said... "Theres a million ways to skin a cat, so skin it however you like" and I say Cryptocurrency is 100% the newest and most lucrative way

Crypto gives you the opportunity to add to your current income streams or even completely replace it

With the guided videos and daily mentorship inside the group, your new revised and updated portfolio and knowledge will give you a world of opportunity to take crypto as deep as you'd like to

Tuning into market events for just an half an hour a day will move you from being a rookie investor to a pro. Your new skill in crypto can give you that extra bank roll to have you spending more time with friends, family and on the things YOU want to do

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